A Nice Little Look From The Outside In At Cosplay

1st Look, at NBCNEWYORK.com, has a great little piece about going to conventions and Ren Faires in costume. For many of my readers much of what’s being said and shown will be nothing new, as many of you have already experienced this yourself. Still, it’s nice to see someone from outside the community come in and show costuming and cosplay in a non-ironic light. The host, Audrina Partridge, seems genuinely excited and engaged and, refreshingly, non-condescending as she prepares to attend SDCC. Sig Neutron is highlighted in the first few minutes of the video as he creates a super sharp cosplay for the host. The second half of the 21 minute presentation is spent at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Texas. Again, the coverage is light but evenhanded and fun. If you’ve got a few minutes it’s a fun little video with some awesome costumes.


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