The Monster Podcast is dedicated to putting all the genre ingredients on one big table, a geek buffet if you will. Other sites will give you the big stories; Marvel movie news, Star Wars trailers, big game console news. Still other sites will do deep into their own specific minutia; costuming sites will give you costuming techniques and interviews, board game sites will give you the latest in board games, steampunk sites will give all the gears and goggles you could ask for; and most all of these sites do an extraordinary job of bringing you all of these specific threads of information.

The problem, for me anyway, is who has the time to go to all of these different sites? One trip to Geeks of Doom and that’s my day. A five minute read at the RPF will quickly turn into a 4 hour trip down a costuming rabbit hole. I defy you to try and read just one article at io9. Or at Bloody Disgusting. Or at Live for Films. Understand, I love all this stuff. All of it. Games, toys, nerdcore, Star Trek, costuming, LARPing, Ren Faires, comic books, Dr Who, I could go on with this list all day long, the point is I needed a place where I could go to get everything. All the various facets of genre and the things that influence and are influenced by genre, all in one spot. That’s what I’m building here. Think CNN for geeks. Think Sports Center for geeks. Think everything you can think of for geeks and eventually you’re going to find it here. Not just the mainstream stuff, I’m talking the mortar. The stuff that surrounds us, that penetrates us, the stuff that binds geek culture together. 😉 The costuming and cosplay. The conventions. The Ren Faires. The LARPing. The guys that build R2D2’s and the girls with the huge Lego collections. The web series that are breaking the mold and the card games that defy description. The cutting edge science that will one day put us in the stars and the paranormal reports that say we may have already been there. And when we cover the big stuff, the Star Wars and the Justice League movies, the big games and the big consoles, etc, we wont give you the typical “has been cast” and “will be opening.” We will go deep, analyzing the creatives involved, assessing their strengths and their weaknesses. Will Abrams call on Giacchino to score the new Star Wars movie and does he have the chops to deliver a truly epic score? Does Simon Peg have the right voice to author a Star Trek movie? David Goyer is an accomplished writer but will he decide to take a different tack on Batman v Superman if for no other reason than to differentiate from his work on Nolan’s Batman?

This is my dream. To put all the things I love, the things that brighten my day and fill my weekends and deplete my wallet, all in one place. That way I can reach in, grab what I want, then carry on with my day. There is no way I can replace any of the sights mentioned above. There is no way I can replace your own favorite site. Instead, think of The Monster as a compliment to your favorite dish, the ketchup to your fries, the mustard to your hot dog, the geek peanut butter to your nerd jelly. And yes, I haven’t had breakfast and I am starving.

So, I’ll leave you with that. Hopefully I can bring you a little of my joy, maybe brighten up your day, maybe consume your weekend, maybe deplete your wallet a little bit.

Oh! One last thing. This is a BIG job. If you have any interest at all in contributing, please let me know! Podcast hosting, article writing, correspondent work, on site con reporting, just general argumentation, all welcome!

Now, eat, drink, be merry, and welcome… to The MONSTER.

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The Monster Podcast theme is “Volatile Reaction” by the amazing Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Find out more about Kevin at http://incompetech.com/

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