This is mine, I am William Edward Woodward III, and I am The Monster. I am responsible for all of this. If there’s a mistake? All me. Typo? I did that. Factual inaccuracies? Yep, those too. Anything done right is probably a result of my contributor’s good efforts. As far as about me goes, I’m a dad and a husband. I drink too much coffee, eat too many rolaids, sleep too little and work not even almost enough. I enjoy good beer on rare occasions with great friends, and lots of cake. I like oatmeal sprinkled with pink lemonade and raisins and eat peanut butter and cake icing sandwiches. I am known for pulling my hands into my jacket and pretending I’m Maximillian and for taking half eaten carrots and pretending they are the Planet Eater from TOS. Dreams? I want to build Hogwarts and start a chain of scifi themed hotels. Yep. That’s me.

Oh! Also, corgis. 


Christina Bell

Christina Bell is a young woman who has been lucky to have a family that supports her through all her crazy geeky ways. Her Mother introduced her to Batman through the 1960’s TV shows & her father read the black & white Spider-Man comics to her when she was struggling to read. Now she enjoys chatting with fellow geeks on everything from musicals, comic book, black & white classical films, anime & everything in between!


Kiah Myers

Yo! I’m Kiah, often referred to as Kiahleesi or Kiah Tiberius Kirk. I love to act, and love to write even more. Expect me to tackle anything related to Marvel, musicals, or, of course, X-Files! I post a lot during my second period biology class, so expect floods of post and only 80% on my quizzes. I absolutely adore Game of Thrones (currently reading A Storm of Swords). 

Talk to me on twitter —> @kiahleesi 
Tanner Carter
I’m and Tanner and this is not mine. The Monster was kind enough to invite me to co-host this shindig. So here I am! I’m a writer, designer, Youtuber, Kickstarter creator and a brand new Podcaster. Most of those I’ve failed at, but hey, failure is always an option. Currently working on a webcomic and video game YT series and I’m hoping one day to make it big.
You can follow me on Twitter


Christina Payton
I first entered the world of brass and steam in 2011 and now spend my spare time sweating over complicated Victorian dresses, cinching myself into a corset so tightly I can’t breathe and running around with dynamite strapped to my thighs. Hi, I’m Christina, a steampunk enthusiast and cosplayer from California who now hoards fabric and all matter of brassy baubles. Oh, and weapons of an explosive nature but you probably guessed that already. When not frantic from deadlines I like to walk through the ruins of ancient castles, writing my own stories of grand adventures and fangirling over Tolkien’s Middle-Earth (mostly the elves), the BBC’s Sherlock and the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels.

Tell me how much you hated that...

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