The Monster Podcast Episode 23: Alan Tupper, Carrie Tupper, and Havana Nguyen. The Creators Of KamikazeAnimated

Today: the crew from Kamikaze Animated. From their Press Kit:


Kamikaze is an epic science fiction saga, a taut political thriller, and a high-flying superhero tale with an intimate dramatic heart. The story focuses on troubled nineteen-year-old Markesha Nin, a freerunner who becomes a rogue saboteur under the guise of Kamikaze.

The three artists involved in the Kamikaze web comic, are creators Alan and Carrie Tupper, and their partner Havana Nguyen. Each of them specializing in focused areas they bring complementary skills to their production team. The artwork aims to be a cut above most web comics, while the story transports readers into a world rich with detail, history, and conflict. The weekly web comic is updated every Wednesday.

And that really sums it up quite nicely. Well, that and LOVE these guys.

Before listening, visit the site and check out the first couple of pages of the comic:

And le Podcast:

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