A Little Nostalgia For The Jupiter 2

The Lost In Space reboot has almost as big a spot in my heart as the original. I realize that this, like so many other positions I take, is not a popular idea. As I look through my movie collection I see Push, Tomb Raider, Jumper, Wanted, all movies I watch and thoroughly enjoy. Well, I confess Tomb Raided has lost some of it’s luster, but this gives you an idea of where I’m coming from when I say the Lost In Space reboot is one of my goto movies. 

I’ll be the first to say that Lost In Space is not a perfect movie. There are lines of dialog in there that make me want to pluck an eye out. But the effort. The effort to bring one of the most entertaining and endearing genre shows ever on TV back to the fore. That effort alone is enough to make me like this movie. Having said that I realize that the “effort” was a cash grab like every other reboot… well, many other anyway. But there is something here that just feel… I don’t know, genuine?

It helps that this movie looks amazing. I’m a visual guy by nature and I’ve said in the past I will forgive a TREMENDOUS amount of bad writing if you give me something fun to look at. (See Tomb Raider.) You can’t argue that on the visual scale the Lost in Space reboot is up there. Gorgeous interiors. Intricate costumes. Elaborate ship design. And all set against a celestial backdrop that, for me anyway, was just stunning. 

For me, casting was great with one exception. That exception aside for now, I was fine with the new look of the Robinsons. John, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will were all absolutely acceptable. I had no problem letting them settle into my brain as the new Robinsons. Hurt, Roger and Graham were absolute professionals, and Chabert and Johnson were entertaining and fun to watch. Fan service being done by showing is the original cast members was something I really liked. Robot on the other-hand… I wish I could say exactly why but this really bothered me. Robot B9 the updated version I liked, a lot. It seemed competent and inspired some feeling of safety in this cold, distant, dangerous region of space. Then they destroyed that Robot and gave us a badly malformed classic Robot. This made no sense to me. Classic Robot in it’s entirety would have been decent fan service, although, explaining his design and functionality may have been a challenge. Mutilated Robot just seemed mean, or at the very least misguided. I think there may not have been a clear understand of the importance of Robot as a character. 

Then there is LeBlanc. Nothing against the guy. For most of the movie he was just fine, but some of that dialog he just couldn’t handle. I don’t blame him.  As I said earlier it was brutal. I think this is indicative of this movie’s identity crisis. Action adventure. Warm family drama. Schlocky, campy, 60’s space epic. Must be all ages inclusive. I think it tried to be all these things and just failed. 

Yet, I love it. Much of it is nostalgia, no doubt, but as I said, I feel something with this movie. A genuineness. Hurt, Rogers, et al, seem fully and warmly invested in these characters. It could be simply their professionalism but I think it’s something else. There is an air of… something… love? Maybe? Someone on this project grew to love it and, I believe, tried desperately to give us a Robinson family we would root for, that we would recognize and sympathize with. Cash grab aside, someone, again, I believe, wanted this picture to work for wholly unrelated reasons.  It can, I think, only be love. 



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