Monster Podcast Episode Zero: A conversation with Mouse

And here we go. Finally. In this inaugural episode I talk to my friend Mouse about a lot of things, not the least of which is going to conventions alone, Guardians of the Galaxy as a D&D campaign, and the last food in the pantry. iTunes will take a couple of days so here’s an RSS to keep you happy:

The Monster Podcast theme is “Volatile Reaction” by the amazing Kevin MacLeod ( and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Find out more about Kevin at


iTunes subscription now available.

2 thoughts on “Monster Podcast Episode Zero: A conversation with Mouse”

  1. Five minutes in, and your Dragoncon-alone story makes me feel SO much better. I seem to end up alone EVERY time (don’t have the energy or common interests to keep up with my friends) and I was seriously beginning to think I was defective for not finding it fun at all.

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    1. Nope! Not just you. I want to do a whole episode on exactly that. Big cons… cons in general maybe, can be daunting. It was both one of the best times, Dragoncon, and one of the worst times Ive ever had.


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