The Monster Podcast Episode 17: Convention Organizer Tom Croom

Tom Croom. Remember that con you went to where you had such a great time? Or that cool show you saw at that con that one time that was so awesome? You can thank guys and girls like Tom Croom. It is because of their tireless efforts, for arguably very little return, that these things we go to and these cool events we get to experience even exist. It’s a thankless, soul rending job. Don’t believe it’s difficult? You try convincing the Fire Marshall that the 2500 seat ballroom, filled to overflowing with ravenous, exhausted, sweaty, slightly irritable geeks, isn’t over capacity. Tom is the founder Wasabi Anime and the CEO of Green Mustard Entertainment

“a production company that designs, operates and promotes events for consumer focused media shows (aka “fan conventions”).”

Tom is also awesome. For more about Tom and his many projects go to any and or all of the following:

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