The Monster Podcast Episode 25: Comic Creator Tom Spellman- Part 2

Today Tanner and I bring you part two of our conversation with Tom Spellman.

Year of the Goat Cover for Issue #1
Year of the Goat Cover for Issue #1

Wait…Your Comic is about WHAT?

Is what people say when I explain the story. I’ve actually had things thrown at me and been called not-so-nice names when I explained the premise.  That’s how I know this story is gonna kick ass!

Year of the Goat Issue #1 is a self-published comic book that can best be described as the Walking Dead meets Planet of the Apes meets Animal Farm….except with a whole bunch of goats. The story begins as goats begin their demonic rise in three different locations within the United States and is intended to be an ongoing comic book adventure. This comic is intended for mature audiences only.

Issue #1 is a 24 page comic book written by Tom Spellman and features artwork by Rafael Chrestani. John Rudwall red-shaded and worded the comic.

We hope to make Year of the Goat an ongoing comic book series with Issue #1 being released early summer followed by more issues later in the year. Your support will not only help get issue #1 made, but also provide a good jump on issue #2.

For more about Tom and Year Of The Goat, and trust me, you need to know more about the goats, go to any and ALL of these fine locations:

Now, … more goats…

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