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Here’s a pretty cool story. Must be awesome to walk around a con as a kid and be the star of a comic book! Well, I think it would be awesome anyway…

LAS VEGAS — Comic Con Las Vegas is all done and one Las Vegas teenager lived it up at the event, while also being an inspirational role model to others.

Megan Mejia is the star of a unique comic book about a girl with epilepsy who teams up with a group of superheroes. The book is one in a series called Medikidz – five superheroes who provide information to help patients and their families understand epilepsy.

She plays herself in the newly released comic book and it tells the real life story of her overcoming the adversity of the disorder.

“My story is in the book. I kind of told it to the writers and they put it in a way that makes sense,” said Megan Mejia.

She first discovered she had epilepsy while with her parents after celebrating New Year’s on the Strip in 2013. She said she had two seizures that night. She’s had more than 50 since then.

She said she became depressed and struggled with the condition.

“It was pretty scary at first,” said Megan Mejia. “The first year I was kind of struggling with being upset. Having to change my routine; having to add epilepsy to the mix of high school and the stress. It came to the point where I had to leave that school and become home schooled for a little bit.”

In the book, her character shares her story to a team of superheroes, who will help other kids to learn how to live with the condition.

She explained her reaction to seeing herself in the book for the first time.

“I think I almost cried, to be honest. And my cat’s in the book too. I was like they did him perfect, they got me perfect. It was beyond words,” she said.

Megan’s father, Brian Mejia, is also in the book. He said witnessing his daughter having a seizure for the first time was very difficult.

“Megan just kind of zoned out,” he said. “We were trying to get her attention and she just started seizing — probably the most terrifying night of my life.”

Brian Mejia says he’s very proud of his daughter for being a role model not only in the new comic book, but also for her inspirational video blogs on YouTube. In the videos, she reaches out to other people with epilepsy, providing support and information for the disorder.

“That can be any kid’s dream to be in your own comic,” said Brian Mejia. “I’m living vicariously through her, you know?”

To get a copy of the comic book,  visit this website.

via Local teenager stars in new comic book – 8 News NOW.

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