My Batman v Superman IMAX teaser review


It all started a Wednesday long long ago when rumor came to the fans that Warner Brothers was going to release the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser early. The date wasn’t assured but the word spread like wild fire. Then on Thursday we got bad phone video of the trailer which most news outlets have reported pushed Warner Brothers to release the teaser earlier then they wanted, the same time as Star Wars: Force Awakens second trailer. At the same time Warner Brothers started advertising special IMAX screening of the trailer on Monday April 20th around the United States.

I was lucky to grab a special free ticket to my local theatre. Today I drove to the theatre where I waited a good four hours and was first in line. Let me first say that I was the only female in line for over two hours, just an observation. By the end near the screening time of 7 o’clock there were still very few woman. I was happy to see a father and daughter at the screening which made me smile.

The trailer that we saw was almost the same as what was already released. Zack stated we should not record we saw it then he spoke about the IMAX filmed scenes and then he repeated the teaser. Now I will say that earlier today another video was released that had a behind the scenes of the Warner Brother studios where all three costumes were shown and the Batman costume was explained in a little more detail. My favorite part about this video however is the batmobile close up and personal.  They spent a good half of the video looking at it. Zack was standing in front of it for his two very short intros to the trailer.


Now on to the special piece. First I’m going to set what I think is where the scene takes place. Do you recall the end scene where the now iconic line “Do you bleed” is spoken’ where Superman lands in front of Batman in his battle suit? Well this scene looks like it happens with in that area/setting. The backdrop is your typical abandoned warehouse (no citizens in trouble) my guess its Gotham, though that is a very random guess no reason but a hunch. You see Superman get up, as if he was adjusting from being hit, he is not happy and he starts running off towards something off screen.  Then we see Batman in battle suit running as well opposite direction. Pull wide and there they are going towards each other one fist out (stupidest move ever in my opinion but you know it ‘looks’ cool) and then right when you think they will pummel each other it fades to black.


That is it nothing more. The soundtrack was crazy awesome, I’m really excited for what they will release next. I was wrong about new teasers but that just means more to come. I still think a ‘Batman’ themed teaser is coming and probably a Lex Luthor or ‘Villian’ teaser after that to round it out. Then the major trailer with ‘plot’ and hopefully some dialogue between the big heavy weights.

I look forward to seeing more teasers and trailers for this movie. I will continue to talk to you on twitter through @knowngoodgeek. See you on the flip side. Thanks for reading!

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