Star Wars Rebels for the Casual Fan


I would not say that I was the biggest Star Wars fan. I would call myself a casual Star Wars fan.  I have opinions & can state facts about the franchise that some might not know but I do not go out of my way to buy every Star Wars related piece of memorabilia.

When I heard that they were making another animated show in the Star Wars universe I was not impressed. UntilI I read who was behind Star Wars Rebels (the creators of Last Airbender) and the subject matter, Rebels. The story takes place closer to the original three films then the prequel trilogy. I bemoaned the fact that the main character was again not a female but learned quickly the two females that were in the story were not pushovers.

I will not try and explain every single episode to you, you can find reviews at other sites. I’m here to tell you that paying for the season or finding it on Netflix/google play/amazon/iTunes is worth it for the casual Star Wars fan.


The animation is not typical of the Disney you are used to, though it is if you watched the first animated show for the Star Wars franchise since the prequels: Star Wars Clone Wars. They used the same computer animated style which helps connect the two together in the larger multi-media Star Wars universe.

The story centers around a very small band of rebels, they stay in a familiar environment, a desert landscape and they go up against the Empire every episode. In other words if you haven’t touched Star Wars since the original three films you will be able to understand the basic story immediately.

Those who have been following Star Wars a little closer will recognize a few faces from the prequels. The show’s plot takes place between the end of the prequel trilogy and the beginning of A New Hope (the first Star Wars film). Anakin is Darth Vader, the clones are controlled by the Empire and the Jedi are all but extinct.


You may think that the show is just for the 7-13 boy demographic. I would disagree. As a woman I enjoyed the female characters in the show and their own character development through out the season. What I liked the most was the Jedi/Padwan relationship that we got to see much closer then we have in the movies. The trials for both of them can be related to real life and the lessons learned can be used to help teach values in the real world.

The plot is simple yet has underlining points that expand the ever growing universe of the Star Wars franchise. Each episode helps explore a little bit more about the world, but keeps it close enough to the characters to relate to them on a personal level.

As a casual Star Wars fan I enjoyed the show a lot and recommend it to all who have enjoyed the Star Wars franchise in the past. This show would be a perfect way to introduce a new fan whether young or old to the Star Wars universe.

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