Boeing Patents Force Field

The title is a bit sensationalized but not too far off the mark. More to the point Boeing, in a recent submission to the US Patent Office, has been awarded a patented for the idea for a deflector shield. Called “Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc” Boeing has described a system for absorbing, diffusing and or deflecting the destructive shockwave generated by an explosive device. The system is not designed to protect against direct impact, rather, its purpose is to shield structures and occupants from the destructive shockwave generated by a local explosive device. In the paper, Boeing lays out several ideas for creating a barrier of dense atmosphere between the point of explosion and the possible victim of the incoming explosive shockwave. The described methods vary but all essentially superheat a layer of air, forming a plasma field, instantly changing the air’s density. The methods are super interesting. One describes using sacrificial conductors that are sent airborne then vaporized, creating a conductive mist which is then energized to generate the plasma field. Others describe using microwaves, magnetism, and pellets leaving trails of ions in their wake, all to the same effect. While not quite as cool as some previous research describing the use of electromagnetism to suspend a plasma shield in relative perpetuity, Boeing’s idea my be more practical and more immediately practicable with application ranging from Hummvees to battleships and beyond. You can find the patent here:

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