Nicholas Brendon Opens Up About Altcon Incident

Nicholas Brendon opened up a bit during his Altcon panel on Sunday in Tallahassee Fl. He spoke briefly but frankly about the incident that led to his arrest late Friday night in Tallahassee after he apparently did considerable damage to his Hotel Duval room. Nicholas, in good spirits, addressed the issue with some humor at first but as he began to go into detail, about his battle with depression and, for the first time, incidents in his childhood that lead to the life long battle a palpable sadness crept into his voice. The crowd, vibrant and excited in the beginning, grew very quiet as the man went into brief but disturbing detail about being molested by a teacher as a child and the campaign against he and his families attempt to prosecute the guilty teacher. He went on to describe how this incident, and the ensuing depression, has stayed with him throughout his life. He further admitted that his own attempts to treat his depression have met with failure to this point. As the panel went on the mood lightend considerably and Nicholas was charming and funny as always. The crowd loved him and and in the end this was hands down one of if not the best moment of the con. For me, as someone who has had his own issues with depression, I feel for the guy and I truly hope this incident turns into a positive for him.

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