First Look at Helbig & Hart’s “Electra Woman & Dyna Girl” Reboot

Internet stars, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, will be starring in a reboot of the 1970’s scifi, “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl”. This is a story about two superheroes that move from Akron, Ohio, to Los Angeles, to make it big in the world of crime-fighting vigilantes.

The first look at the stars showed them looking triumphant in absolutely marvelous, ass-kicking outfits. As Hank Green, a fellow internet star, noted on tumblr, “I’ve spent two days staring at these pictures and I finally figured out why I like these outfits so much…they look like super hero outfits styled for women. Not super hero outfits styled for men to enjoy looking at on women.”

They look completely badass, and functionable, which I know many girl superhero fans will appreciate.

The show is currently filming in Canada. There is no set release date.

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