‘Doctor Who’ Paternoster Gang Spin Off on the Table

Fans of Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax take note!

Everyone’s favourite Victorian detectives may just grace our screens again. Apparently the BBC is always talking of spin offs, and the Lesbian Lizard from the Dawn of Time and her gang are a candidate

“I’m always slightly worried that you can’t keep repeating the joke. And there’s always talk of the spin-off, and the Beeb would do it in a heartbeat… but… I dunno.” Moffat commented on the subject in Doctor Who Magazine Issue #484.

Unfortunately, for fans of the gang first seen in A Good Man Goes to War, River Song is unlikely to appear again. “I always kind of feel that nothing should stay in the Doctor’s life. You can have River for a few years, but then River has to go.” The showrunner said about the fan favourite character.

Knowing Moffat, however, means that hearing another “Hello Sweetie” is not improbable. If a spinoff is to be, well… Spoilers. xx.

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