Luke Evans, Dan Stevens Join Emma Watson in ‘Beauty & the Beast”

Disney is not slowing down when it comes to live action remakes of it’s famous films. ‘Maleficent’, a spin on ‘Sleeping Beauty’ starring Angelina Jolie, was released May 30, 2014, and a Cinderella remake is due to be released March 13, 2015, which will feature Helena Bonham Carter (as the fairy godmother), Hayley Atwell (“Agent Carter”, as Cinderella’s mother), and Lily James as Cinderella.  Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) is lucky enough to be the significant other of this classic princess.

It’s no surprised that Disney would want to remake the critically acclaimed “Beauty and the Beast”, which even won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in 1991. The classic film will star Emma Watson (Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter Series) as brainy beauty, Belle. She was the first cast member to be announced. I, as a huge fan of Watson and the film, am ecstatic.

This week, the actors playing the villain Gaston and the brooding prince/monster ‘Beast’ confirmed their roles on twitter.  Luke Evans, who played Bard in the Hobbit series, is to take on the entitled,  hyper-man, Gaston. The role of Prince Adam/Beast goes to Dan Stevens, who is known for Downton Abbey.

The movie is to be released sometime in 2016.

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