The Monster Podcast Episode 2: Tanner L Carter, creator of Symptom

Tanner L Carter is the creator of Symptom, a three issue comic book series whose protagonist, Orval Quincy is having a rough day. Having his entire body burst into flames is the least of his problems. You see, Orval has contracted a deadly, cancerous disease. On the downside, Orval is dying. On the upside the disease that is killing him, known simply as CD, has some interesting symptoms. Unlike most deadly diseases with horrible side effects, CD gives you superpowers. There may well be hope for our hero, but does he want the cure? Will Orval give up his superpowers to save his own life, or will he keep a certain and absolute death sentence so that he can save the lives of others? There is a Kickstarter running to produce issues 1-3 with unique art from Latvian artist Rolands Kalnins, possibly the only Comic Book artist working in Latvia.

Tanner, hailing from Ogden Utah, was a blast to talk to. We cover everything from the full creative process to the nail-biting aspects of Kickstarter. The man has boundless energy and an interesting insight into what it takes to get ideas from mind to paper and beyond. Check out Symptom on Kickstarter and support a genuinely good guy with a genuinely interesting idea.

For more and Tanner and the project check out the links below:

These are all great resources but THIS is the important one:

Sample you say? But of course:

Symptom2_pg001 Symptom2_pg002

Check it out and if nothing else, tell a friend.

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