The Monster Podcast Episode 1: Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental, the alter ego of the amazing Paul Alborough, is a steam powered rapper, world traveling adventurer, frequenter of exclusive Gentlemen’s Clubs, and an all around amazing guy. This is the guy who was number 2 in’s 5 Music Videos That Justify the Existence of the Internet. The Monster sat down to talk to him about his music, bullying, gamergate, hip hop, steampunk and so much more. The man is a delight to talk to, so full of energy and so gracious, I only hope I did justice to what an amazing guy he is.

As a primer, I reccomend this video before listening to the podcast.

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the good Professor, let’s get to that podcast, shall we?

To find out more about the Professor:

For a bit more on the possibly brilliant Vivian Stanshall check out:



The Monster Podcast theme is “Volatile Reaction” by the amazing Kevin MacLeod ( and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Find out more about Kevin at

The Monster

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