Spider-Man in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. 


When I was very young I had trouble reading. My Father would help me read the Washington Post’s Sunday morning comics, one of my favorites was Spider-Man. Peter Parker was the first superhero that I remember. When I learned about Batman (from my mother) Peter Parker was the poor man in a spider suit and Bruce was well, Batman. Let’s just say my short flirtation with Peter Parker was over.

I did enjoy the first 2 ‘original’ Spider-Man movies and like everyone I hate the third one. Spider-Man was released in 2003, this was before: Superman Returns, Batman Begins, & Iron Man. You can say what you like about the actual film but the success made Hollywood notice the monetary value of superheroes again. The movie got non-comic book nerds to go to a movie about a nerd who becomes a comic book hero.  Peter Parker & the radioactive spider paved the way for Batman Begins to make the Batman franchise a plausible academy award winning film & Iron Man a household name. I became very interested in superhero movies after the success of Spider-Man. I learned Spider-Man’s unfortunate fate, the movie rights were owned by Sony. The short and long of the contract was to keep the most recognized (back in the early 00’s) Marvel superhero under their control, Sony had to keep making movies with the character. That is why hot on the heals of the failure of Spider-Man 3 we started hearing about the new Amazing Spider-Man movies.

After the success of Spider-Man the flood gates were opened. Marvel began with Iron Man & DC Entertainment continued with The Dark Knight. For many years we have been denied the satisfaction of seeing Spider-Man in our Marvel movies.  This week that all changes, we are finally going to get Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  My biggest question: Where was he when aliens were attacking his home turf New York City? Sony & Disney, Marvel’s parent company, are now ready to answer that question.

Now, will he be a tease at the end-end credits of the next movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron? Will they actually take there time and smartly place Peter Parker in the world where Captain America & Iron Man already exists. I fear a hastily tacked on story for one of these solo movies so that Marvel can milk this contract for all it’s worth. I really hope Marvel does not do this, but in the end it probably doesn’t matter. I will just be happy to finally see the high flying, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man fighting bad guys beside Captain America & Iron Man.

Tell me how much you hated that...

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