Star Trek Continues

The award winning Star Trek Continues has exceeded its $100,000 goal in its Kickstarter bringing total pledges to over $141,000 with 7 days remaining. Star Trek Continues aims to finish the final two years of the Enterprise’s five-year mission.

So far Far From Home LLC, the production company responsible for Star Trek Continues, has made three episodes and is beginning production on the next two. 

“With the $100,000 we’ve raised, we can now make two original, all-new episodes! The money goes to hard costs related to the development, filming, and post-production of these stories.”

In an interestingly forward thinking move, CBS has been quite liberal with their licensing, allowing fans to make their own series based on Star Trek as long as they do not turn a profit. The studio has allowed multiple iterations of the series to move forward under this agreement, kicking off web series and feature film development, and numerous other projects. 

The stretch goals for Trek Continues are brilliant. $150,000 allows for upgraded engineering, beyond that goals include visit a planet and adding more episodes to the production.

Notable cast members in the series include former Grant Imahara and Chris Doohan, the son of the great James Doohan. The series has also featured contributions from notable scifi alumni such as Marina Sirtis Jamie Bamber, Michael Dorn, Erin Gray, and Lou Ferigno.

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