The Parallel Worlds Theory Expanded

The classic Mirror Universe episode of Star Trek is a staple for science fiction fans everywhere. It and all alternate reality stories like it tickled have my imagination for years. The idea that there is, just behind a thin quantum shield, another me, wildly successful, possiblly emperor of the Roman Empire Americanus, or perhaps exploring the universe thanks to a space program that started in the 1800’s. Bit this is fancy. Idle thoughts. Imaginings spawned by much more talented minds than mine. Alternate worlds are at best a thought mechanic for explaining quantum weirdness. Nothing more. Well, that may be about to change. 

Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall from Griffith’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics, and Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California have maybe taken us a step closer to a deeper understanding of quantum physics and opened a door to the reality of many parallel earths.

Building on work done by the likes of Bill Poirier, Chancellor’s Council Distinguished Research Professor and also Barnie E. Rushing Jr. Distinguished Faculty Member at Texas Tech University, the Many Interacting Worlds theory (MIW, a variation on MWI, Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretation) proposes that not only are parallel worlds (“worlds” being used to mean universes) possible at a quantum level, they actually exist and interact with our own. In a paper published in Physical Review X the team shows that interaction between universes could explain many of the intensely strange, seemingly impossible when held against standard Newtonian physics, aspects of quantum mechanics, among these being quantum tunnling and wave packet spreading.

According to MIW there is a “huge but finite number of Interacting Worlds“, each universe being equally “real”, exististing continuously through time, possessing precise and defined properties. Each necessisarily varrying from our own by increments. The quantum phenomena, according to the theory, that we measure are created by a universal “force of repulsion” that exists between nearby worlds. A force that causes these differences, or is a result of them. Mind blown yet?

Further, Dr Hall believes that, if the theory is correct, we may even be able to test for the existence of other worlds. This being true then the real and living inhabitants of those other worlds could be doing exactly the same thing right now.

As sexy as all of this is, the point behind this theory is not to look for and prove the existance of other universes necessarily. MIW is simply a tool to, should it prove effective, help us better understand quantum weirdness and bridge the gap between the quantum and the Newtonian worlds. But, I mean come on, parallel universes!

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