The Last Starfighter Score is reporting that the full score for The Last Starfighter, by composer Craig Safan, is being re-released on the Intrada label. The re-release will contain 20 minutes of additional music, incidental music and themes that did not appear on the original release of the score. The Last Starfighter has arguably one of the most stirring opening title’s of any genre movie ever made. Its classic march is a call back to the big budget blockbusters of the 60’s (think Ben Hur), with clear, bright tones, and a uniquely American sentimentality that make it a classic hero’s theme. The score as a whole has echos of Bill Conti and Arron Copland throughout, with long, sweeping melodies punctuated by intense action pieces. It does have weak moments, moments where it seems the composer is trying a bit too hard to evoke a complex mechanical idea, these are few and far between however.

If you are a fan of genre scores, and do not have this in your library, you should be ashamed. Do yourself a favor and get this score, today. It is a piece of genre history and you wont regret it.

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