Dragon Festival 2015

On January 24 & 25, 2015 Melbourne Fl will play host to The Dragon Festival. Touted as “a combination of a Renaissances Fair, Highland Games with a little Hogwarts for good measure” the event will be raising money for the Save Dragon Point Foundation in an effort to restore and preserve Annie, Merritt Island’s 65ft dragon sculpture.

The family friendly event will take place at Wickham Pavilion and features highland games, Celtic music, vendors, a petting zoo, pony rides, games of skill, fire eaters, magicians, crafts and artisans of every kind, food vendors and of course a King’s Feast of savory roast chicken and vegetables, soup, beer, wine, and a tea hosted by the King and Queen of Melbourneshire.

It goes without saying that jousting, armored knight in sword battles, fencing and pirates will abound. And after nightfall you can sit down and enjoy some of the greatest dragons in cinema history.

For more info visit Facebook or their website.

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