BryceCon 2015

Settlers of Catan in front of a crackling fire as the sun sets gently behind the red rocks of the canyon. A couple of rounds of Munchkin on a cool, crisp, western sun lit afternoon with a bottle of wine. A weekend of board-gaming with all of your closest friends, set against the stunning backdrop of Bryce Canyon, Utah. What could be better?

Starting this Friday, January 16th, BryceCon, a gaming convention located less than a mile from Bryce Canyon National Park, opens its doors for the very first time. Featuring a library of more than 150 games, BryceCon is currently Utah’s newest gaming convention. From tabletop standards to the latest strategy games, RPGs to old-school card-games, BryceCon will have it. Vendors will be on site to offer you the glimpses of upcoming and soon to be released games as well as existing games and gaming paraphenalia. If you’ve never been to one of these the unending dice table alone is worth the price of admission. The con will also be offering a flea market for attendees to sell their own used games and a prize raffle.

BryceCon runs from January 16th through 19th and is hosted by Ruby’s Inn (with con rates starting as low as $45 a night) and will feature discounted outdoor activities for convention goers, including free admission to Bryce Canyon National Park on Martin Luther King Day (Monday, January 19th), and ice-skating. Rooms include fridge and microwave and there is a restaurant and general store on site. Con Admission runs $30 for adults and $20 for youth memberships and can be purchased here. Volunteers willing to work three time blocks get free admission to the convention. This is a 24 hour a day convention which means the gaming starts at 4pm on Friday the 16th and runs for 67 non-stop hours until the convetion closes on Monday the 19th.

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