Science Magic and Passion

Corvallis Gazette Times

The girls and boys of the Pikes Peak Adventure Club took science to a whole new place this past Sunday; they took it outside. Hovercrafts and hot-air balloons and “The Physics of Air” were the subjects of Dr Ethan Minot’s presentation at Oregon State University. Demonstrations of physics and their implications and applications in the real world went on throughout the day as kids and teachers alike participated experiments that ranged from studies of atomic interaction using beanbag guns, to sliding around on a homemade hovercraft.

Dr Minot, a father himself whose own children are members of the club, expressed delight at the intelligent questions and curiosity of the group as children fired off question after question, often taking the professor to task for his own flawed explanations.

The need to present science as a living and interesting subject is one that challenges every teacher, from K to college and a passion for the subject, a passion like that shown by Dr Minot, goes a long way to making what could simply be stale letters and numbers on a page, something extraordinary, something truly magic.

The Pikes Peak Adventure Club, based in Corvallis Or, was established to provide enriching, outdoor activities for children in the K-5 range.

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