Is There A New Star Trek Being Born?

According to Digital Spy CW President Mark Pedowitz is interested in launching a new Star Trek series. This news comes on the heels of the announcement on January 11 of the renewal of all of the network’s genre-based series and the hinting at the possibility of a new DC Comics title spinning off of the network’s wildly popular Flash and Arrow series. 

The CW has become over the past few years the single best source for genre programming just south of the SyFy Channel and continues to show a solid interest in supporting the fans of these shows. (The sad loss of The Tomorrow People notwithstanding.) It’s solid track record of genre programming, from the venerable Supernatural to the upstart success that is Arrow, is quickly bringing the CW into a league all it’s own. The days of SyFy resting on it’s somewhat suspect laurels may be long gone. 

Nothing is known of any potential plans for a new Trek series but rumors are flying across the internet and with talent like BSG’s Ron Moore and Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller showing interest in helming a new Trek series, and an endorsement from William Shatner himself, it’s looking more and more like a new Star Trek series is coming to a device near you. Soon. 

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